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Naysaa Securities is a professionally managed firm, offers investment advisory services
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Announcement & Outcome of BM & GM        
  14-15 Q2 Corporate Governance 14-15 Q3 Corporate Governance 14-15 Q4 Corporate Governance 15-16 Q1 Corporate Governance
15-16 Q2 Corporate Governance 15-16 Q2 Intimation of Board Meeting 15-16 Q4 Intimation of Board Meeting Intimation of AGM
16-17 Q2 Intimation of Board Meeting
Notice of BM & GM        
  Annual Report 2013-14 Annual Report 2014-15 Annual Report 2015-16 ANNUAL REPORT 2016-17
Financial Result & Annual Report        
  14-15 Q2 Fiancial Result 14-15 Q2 Limited Reveiw 14-15 Q4 Audit Report 14-15 Q4 Fiancial Result
15-16 Q2 Fiancial Result 15-16 Q2 Limited Reveiw 15-16 Q4 Financial Result 15-16 Q4 Limited Review
16-17 Q2 Financial Result and Limited Review 16-17 Q4 Financial Result and Limited Review 16-17 Q4 Financial Result and Limited Review
Shareholding pattern        
  14-15 Q3 Sharesholding pattern 14-15 Q2 Shreholding Patteren 14-15 Q4 Shareholding Pattern 15-16 Q1 Sharesholding pattern
15-16 Q2 Sharesholding pattern 15-16 Q4 Shareholding Patteren 16-17 Q1 Shareholding Patteren 16-17 Q2 Shareholding Patteren
16-17 Q3 Shareholding Patteren 16-17 Q4 Shareholding Patteren
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